fDNS - (Offline)

fDNS is has unfortunately closed its doors after 12 years of service.
If your looking for a listing of other DNS based services please check here.

fDNS came to be since at the time we were using ml.org for our dynamic DNS service.

ML announced they were closing there free service and a number of people decided to write a clone as a project.

fDNS used to offer dynamic DNS services for free. With support for dynamic updating using a client.

It was particularly useful for creating a hostname pointed at your home DSL/Cable/Dynamic IP address and you would always be able to find your IP address.

Version one was programmed in PHP 3.0 with a mysql backend database.

Version 2 was re-written in Java running on Orion application server with the same mysql backend.

Zone files were regenerated after updates and reloaded by the bind nameserver software.